LEEQUID features a LYX/sLYX pair liquidity pool, alongside its main staking protocol. The liquidity pool logic is handled by the code of Uniswap V2, directly deployed on the LUKSO blockchain with no modifications. This is the first decentralized exchange (DEX), deployed on LUKSO's mainnet and it serves the staking pool by adding an instant route to stake or unstake, granting the sLYX token maximum liquidity.

Uniswap V2 is an smart contract suite, which allows the creation of exchange markets between any two ERC-20 tokens. In these exchange markets, the presence of liquidity reserves and logic ensure instant swaps and settle the price.

On LUKSO, the ERC-20 standard is being replaced by the newer LSP7, which is, nonetheless, fully compatible with ERC-20. However, LUKSO's native coin, LYX, is neither an LSP7, nor an ERC-20 token. Instead, it is a native blockchain currency, and, technically, not a token run by a smart contract. Due to that constraint, LEEQUID also deploys a wrapper around the LYX coin, used internally by the liquidity pool, making LYX ERC-20 compatible. This wrapper uses the unmodified code of WETH10, the Ethereum wrapper, deployed on the LUKSO blockchain.

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