Importing sLYX to your wallet

Quick reference

Even though sLYX is based on the LSP7 token standard, it is also ERC-20 compatible, meaning you can import it to any wallet that handling ERC-20 tokens and track your balance from there.

Let's go through an example using the Metamask browser extension on desktop:

  1. Log in to MetaMask and select the , then select the option Import Tokens

  2. The smaller window titled "Import Tokens" will pop-up. Here you need to introduce the StakedLyxToken contract address on mainnet, 0xDF9124ee97d7a8eB8fe845b6C6eE8a8D75B55a57, as well as the token symbol, which is sLYX. Click "Next" to confirm

  3. Because the address corresponds to an ERC-20 compatible contract, MetaMask will display the token symbol and your current balance while asking for confirmation on the import. Press "Import" to confirm

  4. sLYX is now listed under the tokens tab on your MetaMask wallet

Below you can find the screen for each of the steps outlined above:

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