Claim queued stake

Most of the times, staking will be an instant process. A user will initiate the staking action through the LEEQUID platform and receive the liquidity tokens (sLYX) in a single transaction. If, however, there is a surge in staking demand, new staking requests will be stuck in the activation queue, resulting from the Proof of Stake algorithm bottleneck. This bottleneck exists to keep the consensus process running smoothly, as the sudden entry of hundreds of validators would disrupt calculations and flood the network with a workload that could impact the creation of blocks.

The LEEQUID protocol buffers LYX up to a certain threshold. It accepts a degree of dilution, resulting from rewards which spill to new stakers not yet generating income for the protocol. However, when this threshold of 10% is reached, the minting of sLYX is delayed and new stake requests are added to the dilution queue. In such scenario, a user's LYX is transferred to the LEEQUID protocol, but the minting of the corresponding sLYX is delayed. The user will have to wait until the queue reaches his position, meaning that his stake is now activated and generating rewards in newly registered validators. At this moment, the staking request is fully processed, the sLYX tokens will leave the β€œPending” state and the claim action will be available in the LEEQUID dashboard.

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