Withdrawing rewards

As long as you have sLYX, rewards will accrue periodically. They will be visible in the dashboard once you connect your wallet with the sLYX holder address selected. One of the benefits of joining a staking pool is that reward income is much more steady than staking solo, so you should see your rewards update steadily every day. Until you withdraw or stake them, rewards are kept safely within the LEEQUID protocol.

Under the β€œRewards” section of the dashboard, you will be presented with two possible actions:

  • Withdraw: The LYX will be transferred to your address and out of the protocol in a single transaction. After completing this operation, the amount withdrawn will no longer show in the dashboard.

  • Stake rewards: Your rewards will be reintroduced directly in the protocol as new stake. You are manually compounding your rewards. After completing this operation, the reintroduced amount will be added to your staked balance and subtracted from your reward balance.

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